Friday, September 10, 2010

Summer of 2010

I forgot to mention how our summer was! Jerry and I both worked. Jerry worked for a guy that had an old 72 Chev pick up that needed rebuilding. I will post up a couple of pics. It was a huge project. I worked a Garden Center- mostly in the greenhouse. So i spent lots of time with flowers. I had to be careful with the heat inside the house...the ventilation was poor and some days the temps were near 100deg. F. Not a healthy environment for me being pregnant. So the summer went really fast. We didn't travel anywhere fancy. Just spent July 4 visiting Jerry's family out in ND. we took a couple of trips up north to Jerry's parents and had a baby shower for Joni (Jerry's sister) who is expecting twin girls. Joni is due a month later than me but being with twins, she is likely to have here babies around the same date as me. (Oct 22). Eagle Bend conv. is coming up at the beginning of Oct and Hunter is next weekend. Not sure which EB we are going to yet but will be there for both Sundays. Benjamin will be 2 years old Nov 11. cheers

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