Friday, September 10, 2010

Summer of 2010

I forgot to mention how our summer was! Jerry and I both worked. Jerry worked for a guy that had an old 72 Chev pick up that needed rebuilding. I will post up a couple of pics. It was a huge project. I worked a Garden Center- mostly in the greenhouse. So i spent lots of time with flowers. I had to be careful with the heat inside the house...the ventilation was poor and some days the temps were near 100deg. F. Not a healthy environment for me being pregnant. So the summer went really fast. We didn't travel anywhere fancy. Just spent July 4 visiting Jerry's family out in ND. we took a couple of trips up north to Jerry's parents and had a baby shower for Joni (Jerry's sister) who is expecting twin girls. Joni is due a month later than me but being with twins, she is likely to have here babies around the same date as me. (Oct 22). Eagle Bend conv. is coming up at the beginning of Oct and Hunter is next weekend. Not sure which EB we are going to yet but will be there for both Sundays. Benjamin will be 2 years old Nov 11. cheers

back to the blog...

Yep..its back to the blog for a quick update.
Bowden and Benjamin are doing great and keeping healthy.
Jerry and I started back at college for another semester of craziness. This is our 3rd week done so we are accumulating a decent amount of homework.
I am not sure if i have even blogged that I'm pregnant yet! I am Due Oct 22 and have around 6 weeks to go--which will be right in the middle of this semester! Jerry and I have planned our schedules were we can take turns watching baby on campus. We have also found another student willing to help with babysitting if needed.
Both Bowden and Benji are very excited to be getting a baby sister. Where they go for daycare, they get to be with twin girls who6mths old so they are getting lots experience with babies.
So that is school plans and as far as our house renovations go: we have the garage insulated and drywalled with working garage doors! its going to be so nice this winter to not have to worry about scraping ice of a frozen van. The garage should help keep the House cleaner more tracking in dirt and snow from the drive!
Jerry and his Dad are at Hay Days this weekend (a huge snowmobile swap meet in Minneapolis.) I guess they have a motorbike and a bunch of accessories to sell along with a couple of Snowmobiles that Kevin Covlin (Jerry's cousins husband) is selling. They have Bowden with them..and the they should have a fun time. I have a wedding to go to in town this weekend and then another wedding next weekend. Jerry's good friend Seth (He was the best man at our wedding) is getting married. So i am making the most of my free time to get some home work done. I am taking 3 studio classes (printmaking, Life drawing and painting) this semester and 1 art history class. I love them all. Jerry is taking 2 Claculas classes and 3 financial management classes.
well, till next time.... greetings to everyone reading this!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jan 2010

Christmas and New years and the Month of January has wizzed by and now Jerry and I are back in School. My friend Maria (from Australia) spent the last few weeks with us and just left yesterday. She was an amazing help. It was nice that she was here when we were on Break. We have the Upstairs sheet rocked and Bowdens room taped and seamed. Its nice to have a wall up between the boys rooms now.
Right now we are listning to Obama give his state of the Union speech. So its hard for me to concentrate here..but i thought i would try to multi-task.
He says the war is over and all the troops will be out of Iraq by August this year.
Its getting interesting so I will write again soon.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shane and Joni's visit over Halloween

On the way to meet A. Joni and U. Shane...

Mall of America ...Lego Land
Our last Day with Gran..

Nickolodien world...Swiper no Swiping

Joni took us to the Jungle..

Then, Its off to the Zoo..

Then the Children's Museum..whew what a day


\We Celebrated Benjamins Birthday Early. Jerry's Mom and Dad came down too!

A few fall pics of the Bowden and Benjamin 2009

Benjamin just about a year old here..Yes! this is FALL! ......we had 2 snow storms in Oct!

Misc Pics from my Mom's visit and Eagle Bend Conv. 2009

We made a batch Apple butter on the 27th September out of the apples off our tree in the backyard. It was tasty.

Jerry's trip out to Rhode Island and back...(his dad bought a new pickup truck so jerry flew out there and drove back to keep his dad company) ...they made a stop at the Ford Museum in Detriot.

The nice part about daylight get to wake up to this...... hmm ...

Tyler Kract...haning out with the boyz

Heidi and Jordan stayed a few days at our place with thier beautiful Baby Elle :)

Just had to add this one.......... Ha ha!

Liz (my highschool friend from Australia) came to visit for a few days. She saw snow for the first time in her life!

Jana Forsland and me @ Conv.

Gran (my Mom) and Benjamin in the camper at Conv.

mmmmmmm....Mum made the BEST roast Lamb! There is nothing like a good old Aussie roast lamb dinner!!!! This roast cost $40! Mum couldn't beleive how expensive our Lamb was and how cheap chicken is over here.